The CoreSmart 2 Predictor – the unmissable tool to speed-up exploration and save on costs at the same time



Advantages through CoreSmart 2

Artificial Intelligence already learned about existing chemical analyses. This means sample intervals may be optimized which reduces costs significantly.

Information from older drill core scans was often only used to a limited extent. However, they contain valuable information on a wide range of valuable metals.

The neural network has been trained on more than hundreds of thousands of samples which is much more than even an experienced geologist has ever seen.


We at CoreSmart 2 have brought together our knowledge, our years of experience and our expertise in the fields of Geoscience and Artificial Intelligence to surpass our client’s expectations.

of Scanned Drill Cores
Samples Geochemically Analysed
Accuracy of Predictions
Passion for Artificial Intelligence

Big Data is waiting to be used

to the full potential

While the system can be used for drill core analysis, airborne data and also in operational mining – the database behind the learning system is itself a vast pool of under-utilized data for strategic green field exploration. Metal grades of a wide variety of metals for thousands of drill holes are fully available based on the predictor in addition to assayed segments of the core. The use of this data and our expertise in complex data analysis and modeling opens up new approaches for identifying potential industrial and rare metal targets. As the data pool is increasing and new metals are integrated into the CoreSmart 2 predictor, the usage of proxies for REE and Lithium detection improves.

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