Mapping Metal Grades on the fly


Innovation in

drill core interpretation

AI-based prediction of minerals in hyperspectrally scanned drill cores


Mapping Metal Grades

on the fly

We take sensor-based-sorting to a whole new level in the mining industry


Drill Core Analysis

Know your metal contents

by hyperspectral scanning and CoreSmart AI based prediction of complete geochemical details


Identify Grades

instantly at the mine face

through near real-time analysis of rock samples directly at the mine site using CoreSmart AI Predictor


Airborne Data & AI

Find new metal deposits

through Airborne Hyperspectral Mapping and prediction of target areas for detailed exploration with CoreSmart

Feeding data to AI

The CoreSmart Predictor

We feed mass data to Artificial Intelligence

First: We analysed large amounts of drillcore data combined with geochemical labels from a wide range of locations and geological domains.

Second: We developed and still improve based on that data the CoreSmart AI Predictor, which allows the prediction of metal contents based on hyperspectral scanning

Third: We apply the CoreSmart AI Predictor to existing and new drill cores but also other parts of the mineral exploration and mining process


Advantages through CoreSmart

Cost reduction and speed-up of the process

The Artficial Intelligence already learned about existing chemical analyses. This means sample intervals may be optimized which reduces costs significantly.

Identification of hidden resources

Information from older drill core scans was often only used to a limited extent. However, they contain valuable information on a wide range of valuable metals.

Reducing subjectivity in interpretation

The neural network has been trained on more than hundreds of thousands of samples which is much more than even an experienced geologist has ever seen.

// Collaborators

The CoreSmart people

In this project two of the leaders in their industries are partnering to deliver an extraordinary innovation in drill core interpretation. Dimap-Spectral GmbH is a German and Asian based leader in airborne Geophysics. G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is one of the biggest companies in Geo-Engineering in Germany and is also operating worldwide. We are enthusiastic about big data, Artificial Intelligence and geosciences - an excellent prerequisite for extraordinay achievments in creating something entirely new.

We at CoreSmart have brought together our knowledge, our years of experience and our expertise in the fields of Geoscience and Artificial Intelligence in order to surpass our clients expectations.



of Scanned
Drill Cores



Samples Geochemically Analysed


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Accuracy of



Passion for
Artificial Intelligence

// Proven Solutions

Industries we serve

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in exploration and big data processing and interpretation can be of big interest for almost every player in the industry.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Geological Surveys

Geological Surveys

Scientific Research

Scientific Research



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